Liturgical Ministers Schedule

♦  Lectors
♦  Greeters

♦  Sacristans
♦  Altar Servers
♦  Altar Laundry Ministers
♦  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
♦  Ministers of Liturgy of the Word with Children

To sign up for a ministry, please click on one of the schedules below:

For individual schedules, click on a link below:

  • To View your Personal Ministry Schedule, click here.
  • To Enroll yourself in the Ministry Schedule, click here

If you have an iOS or an Android device, the Ministry Scheduler Pro app is now available free of charge for checking your schedule, requesting and accepting substitutes, and for updating your profile. Follow these steps to download it to your mobile device:

♦  Go to the App Store or Play Store on your device.
♦  Search for "Ministry Scheduler Pro" and install the app.
♦  Open the app and enter the following under Organization ID: stjosephsrush
♦  Enter your Web Terminal Username and Password to log in.

Then, all you need to do is open the MSP app for all your scheduling needs!